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​I don’t think I could have found a better person to critique, proofread and copyedit my multiple point-of-view novel (magical realism literary fiction) than Sheila Glasbey. The thoughtful comments, helpful suggestions and valid criticism within her initial critique were invaluable and, with my re-writes, brought about the first big improvement spike in my manuscript. Given that parts of my manuscript needed more work than others, Sheila went the extra mile to offer meticulous feedback (and encouragements) on a few of my longer re-writes. This helped me get more inside the heads of the characters I was portraying, while also giving me lots of opportunities to further improve those extracts.


Around about this time the sceptical cynic inside me was embarrassed by his earlier cynicism as it became clear to me that Sheila really cared about the characters and content in my manuscript. And would do all she could to help me clean up my overwriting and become more precise with my prose. This meant a lot to me.


Sheila’s proofreading and copyediting service was also comprehensive, with many insightful comments. Her second pair of eyes picked up on so many mistakes that I missed; inconsistencies, questionable word usage and meanings that weren’t clear enough, even with my countless readings after five and a half drafts. Again, this gave me ample opportunities to improve syntax, small details and the big picture.


I also believe that what I have learnt through working with Sheila has improved the quality and consistency of my writing, and this knowledge will serve me well in whatever I write in the future. Although, that won’t stop me seeking out her services again… and again.


Needless to say, I highly recommend the services Sheila offers. Her professionalism is guaranteed, her prices are good – bespoke – value and she has a personal, humane touch that I very much appreciated.


Mark, Sheffield, January 2020



An author friend of mine, who has used Sheila’s services on numerous

occasions suggested that I got in touch.  


I can highly recommend Sheila’s services. She did an amazing job of editing my

non-fiction book, in a professional and super-efficient manner.


Words I would use to describe her:

Reliable, patient, understanding, helpful, intelligent, experienced, organised,

trustworthy, wise and friendly.


Working with Sheila was a complete pleasure, nothing was too much trouble.

 I am sure that I tested her patience at times, but it never showed.


I will use her services again and again.


Hazel Roberts, Author of What's Inside Matters

Ruthin, Wales, April 2019



Sheila Glasbey has copy-edited two books for me now.  On both occasions I couldn't believe how many mistakes she picked up that I'd missed, despite countless readings.  Her service goes way beyond simple proof reading though and she makes useful suggestions on how to reword lengthy sentences, avoid repetition and questions meaning when this is unclear.  She also gives sensitive and thoughtful feedback on the general feel of the work and her response to it. 


I have found Sheila to be very professional.  On both occasions she discussed my requirements, provided a quotation for how much it would cost, and clear timescales from start to finish – and stuck to them!  Her eye for detail is phenomenal and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a bit of advice on their writing style as well as just an editing service.


Jill Maden, 16th Nov 2015

Author Excess Baggage and Slow Rider



"Thanks Sheila for your critique and helpful advice. Am now able to move forward with my novel and will surely use your services again."

Valerie Ann Harrison, 30th May 2015

(for a critique on the first three chapters of a novel)



"I have used Sheila's proofreading and editing services for several children's books and recently for my first poetry collection. I am impressed with her attention to detail and I always learn something from her corrections and comments. She offers a fast, efficient and affordable service and I would highly recommend her services."

Shirley Cook, prizewinning poet and published children's author, 4th June 2015

(for copy editing and proofreading of a new children's novel, prior to publication)



"My name is Jeremy Price. A couple of years ago I started writing a children's sci-fi/fantasy novel called 'Amy Nelson and the Alien Plot'. Unfortunately a lot of things changed in my life (including ill health of a close family member) and up until a month ago 'my novel' remained only 95% complete. That is when I discovered 'Affordable Editing, Proofreading and Writing Help' a product/service provided by an extremely professional lady by the name of Sheila Glasbey.

    At first I asked Sheila if she would re-write the first three chapters, and write the denouement and the synopsis. I was quoted a very affordable price and agreed for Sheila to do the work. When the first amended manuscript was e-mailed to me I read it immediately on receipt. I was surprised, not by the professionalism that I'd expected, but by the extra work that had been done beyond my expectations; Sheila not only worked on my novel, but cared about its characters and content.

    I soon agreed for Sheila to copy-edit and proofread my novel. During these processes, Sheila constantly e-mailed me with justified queries and kept me informed of any changes she thought were needed before actioning them. I was impressed by how I always felt part of a team rather than someone distant, waiting for results. I found Sheila to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with undue dedication.

    Besides being a joy to work with, Sheila is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.

I highly recommend Sheila to anyone writing a book, fact or fiction. She is a team player and is a great asset to budding, or even published, writers."

Jeremy Price, children's author, 24th July 2015

(for partial rewriting, synopsis, copy editing and proofreading of a new children's novel)

Thank you Sheila for your valuable input to my historical novel. Your critique was very clearly set out and professional and has encouraged me greatly to keep working on my story. Your encouragement means a lot to me and the points where you have suggested improvements and general advice on the craft of writing are very helpful. I am glad you are on my team and I can heartily recommend you.

Steve Cox, author of historical novel, 15th December 2016 (for critique and advice on revisions)


If you're looking for a 5* copy-editor to make your manuscript shine, this is the lady for you. Sheila copy-edited the first two books of my fantasy trilogy with such care and attention, I couldn't imagine going anywhere else now. Professional, meticulous and just a genuinely lovely person, which is why she's a treasured member of my A-Team.

Wendy Lennox, author of YA fantasy novels, December 2016 (for copy editing and general advice)

The day after I placed the last full stop at the end of my novel, I began the job of editing my work, which I did several times. However, determined to do the best for my manuscript I decided it would benefit from a professional copy edit and proof reading. In the back of a book I use frequently, From the Heart of a Copy Editor, I saw that the author, Sheila Glasbey, offered affordable editing. After exchanging emails I sent off my work. My manuscript was returned with a list of comments which I found immensely helpful. In the body of the manuscript, were suggested comments which have proved invaluable. Just to say, I would have missed each one, without Sheila’s professional contribution. I would highly recommend the service she offers.

Patricia Gray, author, October 2018

So far I have used Sheila's editing and proofreading service for two novels (one magical realism and the other alternative earth) and for 30 or so political sketches written for the theatre. Each time her comprehensive feedback is packed with useful comments and valid criticisms that always give me lots of opportunities to improve one or more elements of my writing. Perhaps most invaluable of all is Sheila's human touch and the editing lengths she goes to iron out my dyslexic quirks. 

Mark, Sheffield, June 2023

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