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I offer the following services:
  • Proofreading
  • Copy editing
  • A combination of the above
  • Appraisals/critiques of novels and short stories (all genres, children and adult)
  • Editing and proofreading of dissertations, theses, etc, and of technical and scientific work
  • Ghostwriting
  • Help with preparation for submission (query letters, synopses, general advice)
  • Help with writing letters (e.g. for job applications, etc)
If you would like help with any writing or editing tasks not covered in this list, please feel free to enquire (as long as you don't ask me to draw!)
I don't have a standard price list and I'll tell you why.
It's so that you, as a careful and competent writer, don't end up subsidising the people who are less careful and competent than you. In other words, I like to see what work I will have to do before giving you a quote - just as a roofer would if you asked him to mend your leaking roof. Fair enough?
So if you contact me, I'll ask you for a sample of your work. I'll take time to look at it and work out how long it will take me to do a professional job for you, and I'll quote accordingly. I aim to keep my prices down, and you'll be hard put to find a better quote on the internet, certainly for a competent and professional service.
And if you find you can't afford it...?
Well, I hate to lose a customer. So... we talk. You tell me your budget and I go away and have a think. I come back to you with suggestions of what I can do for you for the money you are willing to pay. Between us, we may come up with some good ideas. These might include my editing a portion of the book for you and providing you with a list of the common mistakes - so you can go through the rest and change it yourself. OK, it's not as good as getting the whole thing done professionally, but publishers don't expect perfection and it might just make the difference between rejection and wonderful, glorious acceptance.
Another possibility might be for me to edit your book in stages - and for you to pay in stages, when you can afford it.
We may well think of other things. I hope so. I love helping fellow writers and if I didn't have to eat (etc), I'd happily do it for free, alongside writing my own books.
Just a note on critiques. I'm an encouraging sort of person but I'll be direct and honest with you too. Presumably that's what you want. If something's wrong I'll tell you straight, but bear in mind it'll probably be a mistake I've made myself at some stage. (I've made most of them in my time. Certainly as a writer. Possibly in life.)
And if you find any errors on this website please tell me (kindly). No one should ever proofread their own work...
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