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I'm Dr Sheila Glasbey. I have a PhD in Cognitive Science/Linguistics, an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and an MA (Hons) in Natural Sciences and Education. I'm an experienced editor, a qualified proofreader, a former university lecturer and researcher and a published author (under my pen-name, Rosalie Warren) of several books for children and adults.


I love reading novels, short stories, biographies and books about science, especially language, psychology, the natural world and astronomy.


For several years I've been helping other writers prepare their work for submission to publishers or agents and, more recently, for self-publishing. I have a qualification in proofreading from the Publishing Training Centre, having obtained a Merit in their very challenging online course.


I'm therefore well-placed to help you with your writing needs, whatever combination of editing, copy editing and proofreading you may require. My experience with academic writing means that I am happy to edit scientific and technical work, including student dissertations and theses (with the approval of your university, college or other institution).


My creative writing experience qualifies me to edit and critique works of fiction for children and adults - including novels, short stories and anthologies.


I'm also happy to write letters for you, according to your requirements.


If you are considering writing a memoir or autobiography, I would be happy to help with ghostwriting.


If you are preparing your manuscript to send out to a publisher or agent, I can advise you on your query letter and synopsis, as well as editing and proofreading your first three chapters (or equivalent).


And if you are hoping to self-publish, I am very happy to help. I don't yet offer help with the techie stuff (the actual process of creating an electronic book), but there is plenty of other help out there and I can recommend some if you wish. I can, however, help you prepare a perfectly edited version of your book, ready to submit to an electronic publisher. And that, of course, is where the real excitement begins!




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