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Hello! My name is Dr Sheila Glasbey (a.k.a Rosalie Warren, the pen-name I use for my fiction) and I'm an experienced editor and a qualified proofreader, as well as being a published author of both novels and scientific work.

I'd like to help you: at a price you can afford. I offer the following services:

  • Proofreading (removal of spelling mistakes and other errors);

  • Copy editing (grammar, paragraphing, punctuation and style);

  • A combination of copy editing and proofreading, which ensures your work is ready for submission or self-publishing;

  • Feedback in the form of a critique;

  • Ghostwriting;

  • Advice on submissions;

  • Editing and proofreading of scientific and technical work as well as all kinds of fiction;

  • Letter writing;

  • Any combination of the above that you wish, usually with a discount if a combination of services is required.




Exciting News! I have a book out, called 'From the Heart of a Copy Editor - the 10 Most Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them'. It's available now as an e-book for Amazon Kindle, price £1.99 (FREE on Kindle Unlimited) and also as a paperback, price £3.88. Click here to purchase - and qualify for an extra discount on my copy editing and proofreading services (see code inside the book). And please note that from August 2020, a US edition is also available.








If you're reading this, the chances are, you are looking for some kind of writing advice or help. Maybe your novel or short story collection is ready to go and you are looking for a final proofread. Maybe you are at an earlier stage and would like some feedback on your work. Or maybe you are not quite sure...


I'm happy to advise you. All I ask is a short sample (2 pages or thereabouts) of your work. I will then suggest how I can help and quote you a price.


I do my best to keep my prices low, and you'll find they compare very favourably with anyone else out there. But if you require a full edit and/or proofread of a 100,000 word novel, it will take me (or anyone else) a good many hours to do a good professional job for you, and this will be reflected in the cost. There are no short cuts. Anyone can find a few mistakes - it's spotting them all that takes the time.

One piece of advice. If you are planning to self-publish, it's false economy to skimp at this stage. Just as you want a great cover to attract readers, you need a well-edited text to keep them reading. Nothing puts off readers more than frequent misspellings, bad grammar and poor style. Even if the story's great, they may give up in disgust, which might mean they would never read your wonderful book.


Even if your language skills are excellent, the chances are, there'll be some errors in there that you haven't spotted. None of us are good at seeing our own mistakes.


For more details on pricing, please click here (the link takes you to the 'Pricing' page of this website).


If you require help with the background research for your writing, I recommend Melissa Lawrence's site at





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